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Six songs from new Indie bands to get excited about | September 2020

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Fresh sounds from upcoming Indie Rock artists destined for big things, tracks which have been getting heavy streams by this blogger over summer 2020. Featuring The Snuts, THE GOA EXPRESS, The Skinner Brothers and more.



I first heard THE GOA EXPRESS on 6Music on a rainy Tuesday afternoon last week, their punchy psychedelic rock sound immediately lightening up my day. The band, signed on the iconic Rough Trade label, have just been added to 6Music's weekday playlist, have been featured in the NME and are destined for a big future. The video for 'Be My Friend' is also a lot of fun too, just a bunch of young lads having the time of their lives in a loud rock n' roll band. All the power to them!

The Snuts - Elephants

Mark my words, The Snuts are going to be big. The Scottish four-piece, who have been selling out shows for a couple of years now, produce energetic blues-rock with great hooks. Sounding somewhere in the middle between AM-era Arctic Monkeys and early Cold War Kids, you can just tell from their Mixtape EP that they're the full package. Latest single 'Elephants' proves exactly why the hype is justified.

Hallan - Modern England

'Modern England' is the new single from Portsmouth-based four-piece Hallan. With a dark riff and witty/observational lyrics, it's a hard-hitting song with echoes of The Fall and Joy Division. It's the sound of modern Britain. The sound of a Post-Punk band going places.

The Skinner Brothers - Away Days

Hearing 'Away Days' for the first made me want to swagger into my Fred Perry polo shirt, open a can of beer and put on the Football Factory. And whilst it couldn't be more lad culture if it tried, it's a feel-good anthemic song that has you yearning for happier times. Like The Snuts, they open for The Music at next year's comeback Leeds show next year. They're only going to get bigger off the back of that.

Martha Hill - Grilled Cheese

For a song to make you hungry and be a banger at the same time is definitively a rare thing these days. And that's exactly what 'Grilled Cheese' from Newcastle-based Martha Hill has achieved. It's a lighthearted song covering silly arguments in relationships and the age-old question whether onions should feature in a grilled cheese sandwich. Martha's voice is a great weapon here too, reminding you of early Kings of Leon (before Caleb polished his act up).

Palm Ghosts - Wide Awake and Waiting

Here's a bonus entry from Palm Ghosts, a dream-pop/post-punk band from Nashville, Tennessee led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas. Despite hailing from the United States, it's the sound of 80s British bands The Cure and New Order which have been a clear influence on them. 'Wide Awake and Waiting' may only have 1.5 thousand views on YouTube but it deserves so much more. It leaves me asking though; how can a band this good have such little recognition?! A beautifully addictive song.


If you like what you hear check out my 'New Indie Rock September 2020' playlist below featuring the above songs.

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