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About Us

Blinded by the Floodlights is an indie rock website started during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic by Matthew McLister as a project to get back into writing content and rekindle a passion for music which had gradually been lost over the years!

What started as a one-man band, producing the odd article every once in a while (and the odd Twitter rant!), has grown into a weekly review and feature website covering new indie and alternative reviews as well as topical and classic features. 

In September 2020, Josh Robinson and Matt Bull joined the team and we're welcoming more people to our community! If you fancy joining us, visit our Contact Us page for more info.


We're accepting reviews, features, opinion and news pieces on artists and bands no matter how small or big.


The site is primarily about giving a platform to indie and alternative artists and bands, but we still enjoy the odd pop, dance and hip-hop so don't be afraid to send us your entries on those genres!

The website is managed from Glasgow, Scotland, with our writers coming from other parts of the UK. 

You can reach us on Twitter at @BFloodlights via email

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