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Five Glastonbury acts to get excited about

From K-pop to Post Punk, here are five artists Neil Renton is most looking forward to watching at Glastonbury Festival in June 2024.

You know what they say.

You can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time. But you can’t please music lovers when it comes to the Glastonbury line up being revealed.

The reveal of the first acts brought about the usual reaction that’s come to be expected. People not happy because their favourite isn’t headlining. 

Yet Michael and Emily Evis have always stated there’s more to Glastonbury than the last act on the Pyramid Stage over the weekend. 

Whether you’re camping on-site (lucky!) or watching the coverage on BBC here’s a selection of acts to look forward to. 



"Who" seemed to be the most common response when the R&B singer-songwriter was named as one of the headliners. How come festival organisers go for a complete unknown? Why didn’t they go for a talented artist who beat Taylor Swift to the Best International Artist Of The Year, has won Grammys, had a last album, SOS, that was regarded to be one of the best in recent years and was the longest running number one album in the last ten years in America? Oh, wait, they did. I’ve got a feeling we’ll look back on her performance as the stuff of legend. 



In a parallel universe IDLES are headlining the Pyramid Stage this year. They deserve it for their live performances and latest album TANGK, which shot to the top of the album charts. So while they’re not top of the bill just now you get the feeling - like Foals - it’s not long before they get a shot at glory. They’re already on the road with a set list that comprises of the likes of recent single ‘Gift Horse’ and classics such as ‘Mr Motivator’. Blowing away the Worthy Farm crowd will tee them up nicely for the UK tour later in the year.


Barry Can’t Swim 

Edinburgh-born producer Joshua Mannie made a name for himself (and what a name it is!) with some stunning DJ sets before creating a stir with the release of his debut album. While When We Will Land won him praise and legions of new fans, it’s his live performances that have made him one of the most sought after tickets in the go. There’s more than an element of fun to proceedings, something we can all do with a bit of nowadays. Barry Can’t Swim but he can make us dance.



Once the SZA dust had settled there was further panic when guitar loving indie fans realised to their utterance horror that a K-pop act is going to appear on the Pyramid Stage. The only surprise is that it’s taken so long for this to happen. Boy band SEVENTEEN have thirteen members and a legion of fans. It’s taken a while for K-pop to break into the mainstream but there’s an argument the group could make a dent in stadium gigs in the UK. Watching them perform to thousands who are not their fans will be interesting.


Corinne Bailey Rae

It’s a shame if you missed Black Rainbows as it was one of the best albums released last year. In a complete departure for the Leeds singer most famous for radio-friendly hits such as ‘Like A Star’ and ‘Put Your Record On’ that played to her outstanding vocal quality. Songs like ‘Erasure’ sound like Nine Inch Nails while ‘New York Transit Queen’ would be amazing live. There were touches of Bowie boundary-pushing elements to ‘Black Rainbow’ while its political message hit home hard.


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