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Maisie Peters shows off her talent at Assai Records in Edinburgh

The singer songwriter proves she's set to rule over the music industry for quite some time.

You’d forgive the average act if they were a bit jaded.

Coming off a promotional tour for an album that went to number one in the charts. Interviews everywhere, festival appearances like kicking off the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury to the rowdy Saturday crowd at TRSMT, it would be easy for any artist to do a show on aeroplane mode.

Thankfully Maisie Peters isn’t an average artist.

She’s one of the many impressive female singer-songwriters emerging just now. She strikes a chord with her honesty and empowering lyrics that resonate massively with the legions of her passionate following.

And she’s that popular that two shows were put on by Assai Records in Edinburgh on the same day to show off her impressive talent and celebrate her second album The Good Witch.

There’s so much more to her than the viral TikTok’s or the fact she’s pals with Ed Sheerin. It wasn’t a fluke she got to number one in the album charts to be the youngest British female in almost a decade to do so.

At the later gig, the Liquid Rooms was pretty much packed to the sweltering gallows as soon as the doors opened. The crowd, her fans affectionately known as ‘daises’ waited patiently on their hero while they belted out a word perfect rendition of Taylor Swifts ‘Mirrorball.’

Then Peters was on stage, able supported by her bandmates while wearing a black Beatles T-shirt.

‘Body Better’ was the first song of her set and got proceedings off to a perfect start. One if the reasons why her last album that topped the charts, the track tells the tale of Peters insecurities when she’s dumped for someone else.

She thanked the Edinburgh crowd before revealing that the next number ‘Love Him I Don’t’ is one of the best tracks she’s done. With the response from those holding up cardboard signs and everyone else, she’s not the only one who believed that.

She quickly adapts the lyrics of ‘Talking To Strangers’ to name check a young loved up couple hugging the front row crash barrier, offering to sing at their wedding.

‘Cate’s Brother’ the song about falling for her best her pals sibling which rocketed her to fame through the mediums of social media shook the venue to its foundations. Sounding in part like the Wheetus classic ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ it connected massively with the entire audience.

‘Two Weeks Ago’ found her retreat behind a keyboard as big as her as she demonstrated a maturity beyond her years.

Peters entered into the spirit of the Q and A session with great enthusiasm. There was none of the stuff and reserved nature often favoured by others, instead she took to it all and proved why she’s so popular with her fans.

Before the set closed a quick rendition of the Sugababes ‘About You Now’ down to guitarist Joel Peat wearing a T-shirt of the group.

The harmonies of ‘Architecture’ sounded amazing while ‘John Hughes Movie’ in all its pop perfection glory continued the momentum.

The gig closed with ‘Lost The Breakup’ an empowering anthem for anyone who’d had their heart broken by someone else. And that’s the thing about Peters, there’s a lot of positivity in her songs. Something in these uncertain times we could all do with plenty of.

As the crowd drifted out of the venue, huddling around the tour bus in the hope of meeting their idol, rock legends The Who could be heard playing at the nearby Edinburgh Castle.

Ironic really cause if she maintains the path she’s on Peters is set to rule over the music industry for quite some time.

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