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Peggy Gou: ‘I Hear You’ - irresistible ‘90s-inspired dance debut

The South Korean DJ’s debut follows the success of ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana‘ and surprises in its variety and quality.

‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’ was arguably the most iconic dance song of last summer and Peggy Gou has kept us waiting another year for the release of her debut album I Hear You.

Released on the British independent label XL Recordings, the South Korean DJ’s LP is a total ‘90s nostalgia-fest designed for Ibiza dancefloors and soundtracking good times.

While it may possess a few filler moments, overall I Hear You is an irresistible collection of euphoric dance tunes consciously released for your summer holiday escape to sunnier climates.

Despite heavy references to dance classics (banger ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’ samples ATB’s ‘9pm (‘Til I Come’ and there’s a heavy nod to the German DJ on closer ‘1+1=11’), there’s enough variety to pique our interest time and again.

‘All That’ features Puerto Rican rapper Villana Antillano and attempts a more funky, down-beat reggaeton vibe, ‘Seoulski Peggygou (서울시페기구)’ experiments by merging ferocious drum ‘n’ bass with traditional Korean sounds, ‘I Believe In Love Again’ guests Lenny Kravitz for a pure Balearic flashback, while tracks like ‘Lobster Telephone’ and ‘Back To One’ are vintage house tracks.

Superstar DJ albums are never going to awe in the fields of depth and substance but prepare to add a few of these songs to your summer 2024 playlist - I know I will be!



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