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Sunstinger deliver another song of the year contender with ‘Only in the Morning’

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Fife shoegaze rockers' new song follows the excellence of last years Beyond the Frame EP.

Sunstinger are a band I instantly fell in love with, immediately hooked within the opening seconds of their July 2021 released EP Beyond the Frame. In the year since, I’ve championed the Fife band a number of times both on social media and the blog. The reason for that is simple: I truly believe there’s something special about the shoegaze tones they create!

It all began with a recommendation on Twitter. By the end of the year, the stunning ‘Bonnie’s Kaleidoscope’ featured on our top songs list of 2021. Clearly I wasn’t the only one taking notice either as guest blogger and In Your Ears new music host Soph (aka Purpl Mac) also listed them amongst her favourite underground bands of the year, whilst other independent music bloggers have been quick to praise them too.

That Sunstinger quote Joy Division, DIIV and Slowdive as their main influences was definitely music to my ears, and it’s a vibe they bring together so beautifully and intensely. They’ve furthered this again with the release of ‘Only in the Morning’, their first song of 2022 and another stunning effort to rival the brilliance of the songs on Beyond the Frame.

The track itself was recorded in Chambers Studio in Edinburgh by Magnus Collie and mastered by Ed Woods, with a slight change of vision towards a more upbeat and brighter sound.

The band revealed that their new one is “an upbeat summer fitting song with a dark twist relating to the overwhelming depression and anxiety of the youth today”. The outlook may have changed towards a more sugary, melodic sound, but the same sense of noisy intrigue remains and it’s another track I have been playing a lot since its release. The boys have knocked it out the park again.

Their Untitled EP arrives later in the year and if the other tracks are half as good as ‘Only in the Morning’, then we’re definitely onto another winner.


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