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The Snuts might be Scotland's hardest working band and best

What learned from watching the West Lothian band's Saturday afternoon slot in Assai Records in Edinburgh.

What have you done in the last three years? Procrastinated?

The Snuts haven't. They've released three albums, making the top of the charts with their debut W.L. being the first Scottish act in 14 years to do so. 

They've set up their own record label and headlined gigs all over the world while supporting the likes of Louis Tomlinson and Kings of Leon. 

In keeping with their breakneck speed of moving, the band went on a whistlestop tour to promote their latest release Millenials. Here's what we learned from a Saturday afternoon slot in Assai Records in Edinburgh.

All Four Members Were In Attendance 

This wasn't one of those shows where a couple of members turn up and the rest have a relaxing afternoon doing nothing.

Bassist Callum Wilson was the first on stage, followed by singer Jack Cochrane , drummer Jordan Mackay and Joe McGillveray on guitar. Also refreshing was the fact that all of them seamed grateful to be playing tracks from their new album and meeting the fans who'd bought it.

Despite living at a thousand miles per hour there wasn't any rush to go without signing everything put in front of them.   

There's A Massive Demand To See The Boys 

They sold out two shows in Edinburgh on the Saturday and could have shifted more. The crowd braved the frosty weather and a capital city drenched in rugby fans taking in Scotland and England at Murrayfield.

No one seemed to mind that due to a television appearance the following day the gigs were moved to later on in the day. 

Jack Cochrane's Voice Is Remarkable 

Rumour had it that the frontman swapped his pre gig tipple of a certain tonic wine for something more Ribena inspired to protect his vocals.

Whatever the he's doing it's working. The stripped back intimacy of an acoustic set can be unforgiven but there was nothing to worry about. 

Not Only Can He Sing, But He's Got Great On Stage Banter

And he needed to be. This was the type of show where punters stood shoulder to shoulder in a shop that was probably the size of one of their tour buses. Where there was no idle chit chat amongst concert goers during songs which is a pain nowadays at gigs, it meant you could hear a pin drop.

Sarcastic responses about traveling to London to having to carry their own instruments to performances like this had the crowd eating of the palm of his hand. 

The Band Came Up With 'Butterside Down' After A  Bottle Of Red Wine

Or Two. Cochrane spoke about the recording process on 'Millennials' where they headed up to the Highlands as opposed to disappearing down to The Big Smoke.

The morning after a few bottles of vino they came up with one of the highlights from the new album which typifies the sunny disposition that runs through the entire LP. 

The New Material Holds It's Own Against Their Older Stuff

Not that the crowd could make a comparison. All four songs played were from 'Millennials' with Cochrane joking he knew what it was like to go and see a band who only played new stuff.

Fans of the band are pretty familiar with the tunes as they'd been dropped since last year on the likes of Spotify. 

'Circles' Is One Of Their Best Songs

Not only does it close their album but it's also the number that The Snuts finished their set with. A beautiful song about being in love might be a world removed from early songs like 'All Your Friends' or 'Pigeons In New York' it deserves to find a massive audience.

Also keeping with the other songs they played like 'Gloria' and 'Millionaires' it's unashamedly optimist outlook is one that we could all do with just now. 


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