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The verdict on Foals new single 'Wake Me Up'

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The hot take on the Oxford band's dancefloor-friendly new single 'Wake Me Up', their first new material since their 2019.

Foals haven’t exactly been strangers to the dance floor.

They’ve skirted around the edges of student discos with early stuff like ‘Cassius.’ They‘ve bounced through it with the likes of ‘Your Number.’

Now with ‘Wake Me Up’ they’re taking over the whole thing. And with singer Yannis saying it’s an indication of their new material, it doesn’t sound as if they’re in any mood to go anywhere else

Fair enough there’s the singalong chorus that’ll be stuck in your skull for the whole of next summer when they’re conquering festivals. But there’s also a thumbs up in the direction of George Clinton’s funk classic 'Atomic Dog’ and hints of Talking Heads flowing through its veins.

And it’s all put together in a heady mix more suited to the beaches of Ibiza than the sticky floors of Shoreditch.

The four-minute celebration of doing something as revolutionary and futuristic as going out and having a good time is what we need just now.

There’s the interesting question of where it fits into their epic live sets. Especially when they’ve come off the two Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost albums.

But we’ll worry about that later. Just now we’ll all head to the dance floor and celebrate that while the rest of us spent lockdown making banana bread, Foals made the soundtrack to your next party.


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