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What we learned from The View's Q&A

The eight main talking points from The View's Q&A at The Caves in Edinburgh, which was hosted by Martin Compston.

Say what you like about The View but they've got their hits. And not just the kind singer Kyle Falconer threw at bassist Kieran Webster in a recent gig. 

The Dundee indie superstars may have been in the tabloids more than in the music  over the years but there's no denying they've got some superb material with recent album The Exorcism of Youth being another addition to that.

Eight years after Ropewalk and after a five-year hiatus the 12 song collection made it to number six in the album charts.

The group played a small set of gigs to promote and celebrate the release with the last show of the mini tour in the Edinburgh venue of The Caves being hosted by Line of Duty actor and close friend of the band Martin Compston

Here's what we learned from the event. 

Martin Compston is a proper fan 

The actor is so close to the group that he once shared a flat with Kyle and he appeared in the video for the single 'Grace.'

After the Q and A session which he hosted and asked the questions, Compston sat at the back of the stage on a set of stairs with a pint of lager and a grin that spread from ear to ear.

Not only that but he sang along to pretty much every word belted out by his mates and the adoring crowd in attendance.

T In The Park was the marker of how they'd write songs

Think back to the bands first couple of albums and there's that anthemic, rousing sound that wouldn't be out of place at a festival.

That's because Falconer confessed that they'd write their tunes thinking of how it would sound at T In The Park. The legendary Scottish festival made reputations, none more so than that of The View.

The new stuff holds its own with its older siblings

'Feel Like' and 'Neon Lights' were given an airing.

Sandwiched in between the band's more established numbers, two of the more traditional sounding tracks from their latest offering could well be from one of their older albums. 

Becoming a dad has settled down Kyle

The frontman has had his well documented battles with various demons over the years.

Now that he's a dad he's more grounded although that mischievous grin hiding under his mop of unruly hair is still there.

He also admitted that the song that makes him cry is 'Mammy' from his pal Callum Beattie.

There was a lot of their family there

Including Mama Cass, the Jack Russell belonging to guitarist Pete Reilly.

The cosy Edinburgh location was packed, but rarely has it been visited by a pet of one of the band members. 

Even stripped back, the songs get the crowd going 

'Wasted Little DJs' and 'Superstar Tradesman' haven't lost any of their sparkle or edge despite being in a far more intimate venue that they usually would.

And if anything, a chant of 'The View Are On Fire' from the punters makes them even more special. 

'Same Jeans' never feels old

It's the song that propelled them headfirst into the mainstream and is still recognisable as soon as it starts.

Which explains as to why the crowd joined in and sang it, shaking the roof of The Caves in the process. Even if Falconer tried to fool the audience by announcing their most famous tune as a song from their new album. 

Headlining The Hydro is on the bucket list

While they've played the famous Glasgow venue, the band have never headlined it. They felt that it might not be for them. One things for certain.

With the love and admiration shown to the lads, not only could they put on a gig at the Hydro but there's a very good chance they'd sell it out as well.


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